Rabbi Arthur Segal


Rabbi Dr. Arthur Segal’s love of Judaism and his Ahavath Israel led him on his personal quest for Jewish Spiritual Renewal, beginning his studies after retirement from a successful oral medicine practice. Rabbi Arthur Segal graduated cum laude with BA and DMD degrees, Oral Medicine Specialty, and Post-Doctoral studies in Psychology all from the University of Pennsylvania in the 1970s. He is an author in these chosen fields.

He was ordained a Rabbi with Semikah after ten years of intensive study, and was the first to bring weekly Torah and Mishnah classes to one of the oldest synagogues in America where he held the position of Scholar-in-Residence for a year.

Rabbi Arthur Segal is an author of internationally acclaimed books and essays on Jewish Renewal, Mussar, Ethics, and Torah and Talmud.

Rabbi Arthur Segal teaches classes on Jewish Spiritual Renewal and The Spiritual and Ethical Teachings of the Torah, TaNaK and Talmud in free on-line classes. He teaches Torah, Talmud, Midrash and other great texts, such as Duties of the Heart by Ibn Pakuda of 1050 C.E. Spain, to adults in his hometown or via telephone conferencing.

Rabbi Dr. Arthur Segal does rabbinic counseling using the step-by-step process of Jewish Spiritual Renewal to help his fellow Jews achieve a spiritual life.

Rabbi Arthur Segal has lectured extensively the world over in almost all continents. He conducts Holiday and Shabbat services on cruise ships and for international congregations that do not have a rabbi.

Rabbi also works with Jewish prisoners who wish to effect change in their lives.

Rabbi Arthur Segal is happily married to his beshert, Ellen Freedman Segal. Together they have traveled to over 162 countries, visiting and aiding Jewish communities where they exist. He is active in his local community, serving on a variety of boards, mostly related to Arts and Cultural Diversity. Ellen and Rabbi Segal enjoy a life of shalom, shlema and gratitude, with their parrot, Avivit Keter.