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Jewish ethics teaches that we are not to chase honor. Rabbi Arthur Segal is not one of those who needs to have his name and photo in local or national media. In fact, one of the morning prayers that we do as Jews, is pray that our name be like dust.

In spite of this Rabbi Arthur Segal does have great press.

He publishes a monthly column in the Bluffton (SC) Sun newspaper:

Rabbi Arthur Segal | The Bluffton Sun

Rabbi Arthur Segal also wrote a monthly editorial for the Island Packet Newspaper for years.

Here are some samples:The Island Packet – Google News Archive Search

and Take lessons from trees in these dispiriting times | Story Archive | islandpacket.com | beaufortgazette.com

and No one is truly free until all live in peace | Story Archive | islandpacket.com | beaufortgazette.com

Rabbi Arthur Segal was lauded by The Institute of American and Talmudic Law as ”great example” of a ”prominent Jewish leader” for his dedicated work in developing a Magan Tzedek, a Shield of Righteousness, insuring that animals are treated humanly, and workers treated fairly, in kosher meat packing plants.

Should Kosher Go Beyond Jewish Law? | IAT Law Blog

Rabbi Arthur Segal was sited as one of the top 50 seminarians and theologians, and of these 50 only 3 were Jewish. Called to Write: The Top 50 Seminarian Blogs

Rabbi Arthur Segal is constantly quoted by other rabbis in their sermons and essays as well as other organizations:

Jewish Resources | The Half-Jewish Network: Welcoming Adult Children & Grandchildren of Intermarriage

and Overview of Passing Over | The Holy Halfbreed

and Rabbi A. Segal’s D’vrai Torah – beta-gershom Group –

and http://flemingtonjcc.org/PDFs/Bulletins/January_2012_For_Website.pdf

(scroll to page 7.)

and Daily Kos: Talmud 101 see last paragraph, and

Street Prophets: Prelude to the High Holy Days ,


rabbi-arthur | Jewish History .

His books, and essays have been translated into many languages. This is Rabbi Arthur Segal’s Tu B’Shevat Hagaddah in Spanish:

Seder de Tu B Shevat – año nuevo de los árboles -, del Rabino Arthur Segal

According to Google.com, Rabbi Arthur Segal is mentioned and quoted over One Million times.

Even churches quote Rabbi Arthur Segal :Shavuot Gifts from YHWH

Rabbi Arthur Segal and Rebbetzin Ellen Segal have a Charitable Trust for the Arts and Cultural Diversity .

Picture This Gallery on Hilton Head Island, SC, Calls for Entries for A.R.T. Art Recycled from Trash Exhibit and Competition «

Rabbi Arthur Segal also lectures on the works and lives of Jewish Artists:Picture This Gallery celebrates Hanukkah | Story Archive | islandpacket.com | beaufortgazette.com and Bluffton Today – Gallery plans talk on Jewish artist Arthur Szyk.

Rabbi Arthur Segal continually gets emails of thanks and kudos for his writings and for his ceremonies. The below is one of his favorite:

“Dear Rabbi Segal, It was great to see you onboard and thank you for service. We enjoyed our chance to spend so much good times with our family and your services were heartening. I was impressed both with the number of people who participated and the level of active participation you engendered. With best wishes for a happy and healthy 2012. Richard Richard D. Fain Chairman & CEO Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd. (305) 539-6603.”